Movement Podcast Season 2 Ep 19

Written by FMS Thursday, October 29, 2020


On this week's episode, Lee and Gray discuss HIIT Training. This popular form of exercise is everywhere and used by strength coaches with professional athletes, as well as the average fitness enthusiast. The guys discuss the importance of proper form and how to integrate correctives into a HIIT workout. They close with insight on CrossFit with what the brand has gotten right and what they may have gotten wrong.
So let's get going with this episode of the Movement Podcast-- Powered by FMS.

Episode Notes & Links:

   FMS Level 1  course 

   FMS Level 1 & 2 Virtual Combo (Promo code expires 11/6/2020)

   Training Time and Movement Integrity

   Pain, Dysfunction and Load

   Pavel Tsatsouline

   Alwyn Cosgrove Podcast Episode: Program Design Secrets

  Can FMS coexist with CrossFit?  

Episode Chapters: 
  • 1:57 - Why HIIT?
  • 3:40 - What is failure? 
  • 5:21 - What is HIIT training?
  • 7:30 - Exercise was taken over by exercise scientists
  • 9:14 - Why they do it in the pros
  • 11:58 - If you do HIIT right, you're not doing it daily 
  • 14:07 - How do you integrate a corrective in HIIT?
  • 20:08 - CrossFit 
  • 24:29 - Community of CrossFit
  • 27:00 - Good routines happen across a lifespan
  • 29:30 - We should be done when the quality is right 


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