Movement Podcast Season 2 Ep 16

Written by FMS Thursday, October 8, 2020


From wearable devices to the scale in your bathroom, there are a ton of tech choices for tracking fitness, but have you ever thought of the negatives of using them? Are there adverse effects from having too much data at your fingertips?

We explore that idea on today’s episode. Gray and Lee discuss: How devices can motivate us… and also overwhelm and shame us, Which metrics to focus on, The importance of how we consume our data, And what our devices don’t tell us. So let’s get going with today’s Movement Podcast -- powered by FMS.

Episode Notes: 
  •  01:09  What Gray uses to track his fitness
  • 02:05  Tracking devices.. Good thing?
  • 03:16  Female users analytics
  • 03:52  Functional Movement Screen
  • 05:05  Consume your data with wisdom instead of intelligence
  • 05:26  American way to consume something to up your energy level
  • 05:55  Intermittent Fasting
  • 06:13  3 things to help increase energy levels
  • 07:24  Start with the basics
  • 07:43  Heart rate variability for finding balance
  • 09:35  HRV on movement screen/stretching
  • 10:51  Andy Roddick /Tennis down regulating example
  • 12:29  Weed through the minutia
  • 3:15  Natural immunity boosters
  • 13:59  What’s the issue… Obesity or behaviors that lead to obesity?
  • 15:52  Data isn’t bad.. But focusing on the wrong data does nothing.
  • 8:27  Insight on where to start....
  • 18:57  Phil Plisky reseach: Soldiers risk factors
  • 19:35  The responsibility to catch risk factors
  • 21:23  Looking at the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • 22:10  Make skill the spotlight after general physical prepardness
  • 22:47  Back pain... Compensations and imbalances
  • 24:03  Current trend in sports science
  • 24:49  Resourcefulness
  • 25:23  Lee’s role with Gray
  • 26:07  Sally meets her step goal
  • 27:03  Shame and Guilt researcher, Brene Brown.
  • 28:19 If tech helps you become more self aware, good.
  • 30:15  Don’t let the data overwhelm you
  • 31:02  What Gray still struggles with
  • 31:40  Set a baseline, then turn it off
  • 32:20 Find activities that no one needs to distract you from

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